Pete Lincoln

Pete Lincoln
Pete Lincoln - Lead vocals

Lead singer Pete Lincoln born on 15 March 1956 in Newcastle, England, has become an integral part of rock history. You don't have to be a great music expert to have already made his acquaintance. He picked up the guitar early in his life and pretty much hasn’t put it down since. Pete earned his stripes through hard work and dedication, working with artists like Sir Cliff Richard, Tina Turner, Shakin Stevens, Dani Minogue and S Club 7. To quote his colleagues, “Pete is an exceptional musician and deserves every bit of success!“ Before he was hired as lead singer and bassist of the glam rock legend The Sweet (Ballroom Blitz, Fox on the Run, etc.) in 2006, he spent 10 years as frontman for Sailor, who had worldwide success with hits like "Girls, Girls, Girls" and "Glass of Champagne"! Pete pretty much spent the entire 80s and 90s touring all corners of the globe, from New Zealand to Greenland. In 2013, Pete released his long-overdue solo record 'Soul Searching’, followed by his 2nd solo CD 'Heartbeat’, which was released in 2016, both featuring a collection of self-penned songs. Pete has always enjoyed the challenge of performing a song solo with just guitar and voice, which was taken to a new level when he joined forces with former Sir Cliff bandmates Mick Wilson (10cc) and Peter Howarth (The Hollies), forming FRONTM3N in 2016.

Pete has been a long-time friend of the band over many years and Smokie welcomes Pete Lincoln into the Smokie family, He is one of life’s nice guys and very approachable.

Smokie are delighted and excited to have him on board!

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